NORDOCK® ATL 450 & 900

NORDOCK® TRUCK-LOCK® models ATL-450 and ATL-900 automatic TRUCK-LOCK® Series of non-impact vehicle restraint use a large barrier to safely engage and secure a trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) to the loading dock with 32,000 lbs. of restraining force and mounting forces in excess of 100,000 lbs.
The ATL model of TRUCK-LOCK® is an automatic unit that activates and stores the spring-loaded HYDRA-FLOAT™ barrier via push button control.
When the barrier is activated, it can safely secure virtually all types of rear impact guards up to 30” above grade, automatically adjusting to trailer movement while maintaining positive contact with the RIG at all times.
The low-profile housing/barrier keeps working components safe from inclement weather and stores at 9″ above grade to keep free of snow, ice and debris and avoid potential damage from low hanging rear impact guards.
TRUCK-LOCK® models ATL-450 and ATL-900 come standard with a barrier-mounted sensor bar that provides positive communication to the operator when rear impact guard has been safely engaged.